Triathlon Inspires | Inspiration Beyond Limits!

Triathlon Inspires | Inspiration Beyond Limits!

Triathlons are powerfully inspiring. Not only the combination of three major sports is what makes this sport so fantastic. It's the magic that awakens within us when we become triathletes...and that stays forever.

Inspiration will keep you fighting even when all around you are saying, "You can't do it!". Every triathlete have something in common; we are perseverants...and perseverance is the face of adversity, difficulty and challenge. Always remember that the price of victory is much less than the price of failure.

Triathlons give you the opportunity to develop character, courage and proud. It's not necessary to complete a full Ironman so you can feel the power of inspiration. Any distance completed will make you proud for life, and I guarantee that's something you'll never forget.

Don't ever let somebody tell you that you can't finish a triathlon...not even you!


Gerardo Alatorre