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Yoga for Triathletes

Triathletes are known for their ability to push beyond the mental and physical boundaries of “normal” exercise training regimens. This of course can sometimes lead to injury, fatigue and poor results. The benefits of yoga are widely known as well.

Yoga ties into triathlon training by offering an alternative form of exercise that helps build strength and endurance, while increasing efficiency and economy of movement at the same time.

The yoga poses teach patience, breath control and allow an athlete to slow down and develop an awareness of their body. This awareness often translates into the ability to remain calm and collected in the face of diversity and intensity. Yoga helps you see things as they are and focus so the mental chatter dies down.

The Benefits

Triathletes are constantly looking for new ways to improve their performance. They’re hungry to perform better and beat their competitors. Because triathlons require full control of three very different sports, triathletes must train their bodies for peak performance in all the ranges of motion associated with swimming, biking and running. That's where yoga comes in, because takes your body through several planes of movement while focusing on strength and mobility in the areas you need it most.


Yoga stretches the muscles that are tight, which in turn increases the range of motion in related joints. Increased flexibility decreases stiffness, results in greater ease of movement, and reduces many nagging aches and pains.


Every yoga pose is a balance of stability (muscles contracting and strengthening) and mobility (muscles stretching and lengthening). Even the simplest yoga pose requires an awakening of every part of the body.


A strong core improves running posture and speed. The standing poses, build strength in your hamstrings, quadriceps, and abdominal muscles. Almost all of the poses will give added strength to your core muscles such as those in the abdominal region.

Mental Focus

Yoga for triathletes integrates the body, mind, and breath into a single unit in order to provide better focus. Helps to remain calm in the face of adversity and obstacles, which will help you keep your cool when things get tough during your training and on race day.

Practicing Yoga with Ekhart Yoga

Wake up your energy Yoga

Doing these exercises will stimulate the whole body. Whatever you do after will be a lot more pleasant. Whether it is yoga or just continuing with your day.

Yoga for beginners

Here is a Yoga sequence for every body to start your Yoga practice at home.

Yoga for the Knees

This is Yoga for the knees. Esther Ekhart explains how to protect your sore knees when doing yoga.

Yoga practice for Runners

Practice this yoga class 1-3 times a week to balance the repetitive action of running on the body. During this yoga routine you work on over-all strength, flexibility and it will increase awareness of your posture as a runner. Also it will help to relax the mind and give you an overall feel good feeling.

Activate your Core

Before doing a yoga practice its nice to activate your core. Moving from your core makes the inner body strong so you can keep the outer body soft!

Single Leg raises for Leg and Ab strength

Here a simple and safe exercise that increases your leg and abs strength quickly when practiced regularly.

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